Board of Directors

The Board of Directors as of April 11, 2014 (record date) with positions held for the last Five (5) years.  Term of office: One (1) Year

Mr. Villanueva, 78, Filipino; served as Post Master General and Chief Executive Officer of the Philippine Postal Corporation ("PPC") from 2006 to 2011. Prior to-this, he served as Chairman of the Board of the Directors of PPC 2004 to 2006. He also held the following positions: Member, Private Sector Representative, Polytechnic from University of the Philippines (2002-2006); Representative to Export and Industry Bank, Philippine Deposit Insurance Co. (2002-2006); Chairman and President, Philippine Pacific Management Consultancy, Inc.; Member, Advisory Board, FMIC (2002-2004); Publisher and Editor -in-Chief, Sun Star Manila (1998 to 2001) and served as the Press Secretary of the Malacañang Palace, Manila (1995-1998).

Mr. Villanueva has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of London and has taken the International Banking Course from Royal Institute of Bankers, United Kingdom.

Mr. Villanueva was elected Director and Chairman of the Board on April 16, 2013, and his term of office is for one (1) year.

Mr. Carreon, 65, Filipino, is President and CEO of CVLF Consultancy and Outsourcing Corporation since 2009.  He served in various position with Maybank Philippines since 1999. He was Consultant (2008-2009), and prior, the Enterprise Financial Services (2003-2008). He served as Consultant for Capital Senior Vice President of Advisors for Private Enterprise Expansion Inc. from 1998-1999. He was also Country Manager for Dow Jones Philippines (1995-1998); General Manager, Philippine Finance and Investment Company, Hong Kong (1979-1981); Assistant Vice President, PCIBank -1974-1979; and Pro Manager, Citibank from 1970-1973.

Mr. Carreon graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University in 1969 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He is also an MBA candidate from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.

Mr. Carreon was elected Director and President on April 16, 2013, and his term of office is for one (1) year..

Winston L. Peckson, DIRECTOR
Mr. Peckson, 60, Filipino, has thirty-six years of experience in the banking industry. He is currently a Consultant for the Treasury and Investment Banking groups of FMIC. Among his past positions were Head of Treasury Marketing of Philippine National Bank (PNB) from 2009-2010; Vice President and General Manager of the Manila Offshore Branch of ABN-AMRO NV from October 1999-2009; VP and Corporate Treasury Advisor of Bank of America- Manila Branch from 1996-1999; CEO and Director of Danamon Finance Company (HK) from 1991-1996; Manager Corporate Banking of t.loyds Bank PLC (HK) from 1986-1991, and VP(Commercial) at the Manila Offshore Branch; and Department Head, Branch Banking with the Far East Bank and Trust Company from 1972-1975.

Mr. Peckson obtained a Master´s Degree in Business Management from the Asian Institute of Management in 1977, and he graduated from the Ateneo De Manila University in 1972 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, minor in Business Administration.

Mr. Peckson was elected Director on June 19, 2013, term of office is one (1) year.

Michael G. Say, DIRECTOR
Mr. Say, 52, Filipino, graduated from De La Salle University with a degree in Management of Financial Institutions.

He is currently Chairman of the following companies: Capitalwise Groups Ltd., (2008 to present), Atlantic Achers Achlever Corporation (2004 to present), Tokagawa Global Corporation (2004 to 2013), Chef and Cooks Market Corporation (2009 to present), Poc and Poc Corporation (2010 to present), and Chic Uniform, Inc. (2002 to 2013).

Mr. Say was elected Director on October 24, 2013, term of office is one (1) year.

Atty. Abelardo V. Cortez, INDEPENDENT DIRECTOR
Atty. Cortez has over 25 .years of banking experience in the local and international banking industry, concentrating on treasury, trust.and private banking side of the business. Over this period, he held the following posts: Money Market.Head- Rlzal Banking Corporation (1978 to 1980); Vice President-Treasury Operations, Bank of the Philippine Island (1980 to 1986); Managing Director and CEO, BPI International Finance Ltd (Hongkong) from 1987 to 1995; Vice President, Head/Private Banking Group- Bank of the Philippine Island (1995 to 1996); Director for Trust and Investments, ATR KimEng Capital Partners, Inc. (1996 to 2011). He was FINEX President in 2007 and Co-Chairman of the country´s Capital Market Development Council in 2008. He is at present director/trustee of FINEX Foundation.

Presently, he sits as Independent Director of PBC Capital Investment Corporation (2012-2013) and First Metro Philippine Equity Exchange Traded Fund, Inc. (since October 2014).

In 2008, San Beda College Alumni Association voted him most Distinguished Bedan Award in the field of banking and finance.

Atty. Cortez earned his Bachelor of Laws degree from San Beda College of Law. He completed his collegiate studies at San Beda College, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree, Cum Laude.

Atty. Cortez writes a monthly business column in the prestigious leading business daily, the Businessworld.

Atty. Cortez was elected as Director on October 24, 2013, term of office is one year.

Amb. Ong, 78, Filipino, has been part of the Board of Directors of FMIC as an Independent Director from the year 2005 to 2012. As a professional, he has over 40 years of experience in foreign servicel international management. Previously, he has served in the capacity of Philippine Ambassador to Malaysia (2003 to 2004). to China (1994 to 2000), to Russia (1993 to 1994), and to Australta (1986 to 1989). Amb. Ong also held the positions of Assistant Secretary for the Office of ASEAN Affairs, and for ASIAN and Paoific Affairs, Director of the Foreign Service Institute- all under the Deparj:mentof Foreign Affairs (DFA).

He is a graduate of the University of the Philippines with a BS degree in Foreign Service. He also pursued further Diplomatic Studies at the Institut International D´Etudes et de Recherches Diplomatiques (Paris), and International Civil Service Training at O.F.I. (Paris).

Presently, he sits as an Independent Director of PBC Capital Investment Corp. (since 2006), First Metro Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund, Inc. (June 2009 to present) and First Metro Global Opportunity Fund, Inc. (August 2012 to Present)

Amb. Ong was elected Director on April 16, 2013, term of office is one year.

Dr. Bernardo M. Villegas, INDEPENDENT DIRECTOR
Dr. Bernardo M. Villegas, Ph.D., 78. Filipino, serves as the Senior Vice President of the University of Asia and the Pacific.   Dr. Villegas serves as an Educational Consultant for the Parents for Education Foundation Inc. ("PAREF"), and a columnist in the Manila Bulletin. Dr. Villegas also serves as the Dean of the School of Economics of the University of Asia & the Pacific; and as Consultant of Bank of Philippine Islands, and Transnational Diversified Inc. He has been the Chairman of Filipino Fund Incosince June 2012. He also served as Chairman of Filipino Fund Inc. until February 2007, Co-Chairman until November 30, 2007 and served as its President. He served as Chairman, Department of Economics-De La Salle University Manila and Director, Economic Research Bureau and Graduate School of Business-De La Salle University Manila. He has been an Independent Director of Benguet Corp. since June 25, 1998. He has been a Director of Alaska Milk Corp. since August 2008. He serves as a Director of Bank of Philippine Islands, and Transnational Diversified Inc. He serves as a Member of Board of Trustees of The Insular Life Assurance Company, Ltd. He served as a Member of the South East Asia Advisory Board of Rolls Royce Group pic. He serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of leading firms in the food and beverage, sugar milling, pharmaceutical, electric power, banking, information technology, constructlon, agribusiness, trading transportation and engineering industries. He began to serve in the Board of AMC In 1999. He serves as Director of Filipino Fund Inc.

He served as a Director of the Filipino Fund Inc., from June 1995 to November 30, 2007. He served as a Non-Executive Independent Director of Uniwide Holdings Inc., since September 11, 1994. He served as an Independent Director of Alaska Milk Corp. from 1999 to 2006. He was President of Philippine Economic Society. He served as Project Director, Philippine Economic History under the National Historical Commission; Member, Preparatory Commission for Constitutional Reforms and Constitutional Commlsslon; Consultant, Productivity Development Center-National Economic Council and Program Implementation Agency. He serves as the Chairman of Center for Research and Communication. He is a Member of the boards of several foundations such as Dualtech Foundation, Pilipinas Shell Foundation and PHINMA Foundation. He is a Member of the board of Trustees of the Makati Business Club. He is Professor of the University of ASia and the Pacific, Manila, Philippines, an´d a Visiting Professor in Economics, lESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain. His special fields of study are developments economics, social economics, business economics and strategic management. He is a Certified Public Accountant, having been one of the CPA board topnotcners in 1956.  He is the Consultant on Strategic Planning and Management. Dr. Villegas holds a Ph.D. in Economics and MA in Economics from the Harvard Uhlversity.  He obtained his Bachelor´s Degree in Commerce and the Humanities (both Summa Cum Laude) from De La Salle University. Dr. Villegas is one of the two Independent Directors of the Company.

Dr. Villegas was elected Director on April 16, 2013, term of office is one (1) year.